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Binary Reality is a small software house based in Manchester uk, specializing in developing bespoke software to enhance business's information systems.  We are committed to developing cutting edge software utilising the latest technologies to benefit our customers by reducing development time, reducing costs, and unleashing features and functionality which is beneficial to our customers businesses giving them a technological lead over their competitors. 
We are determined to see that the improvements anticipated by our customers at the outset of a project is made into a distinct reality by the end.  As we are a small company we enjoy very close relations with our customers which gives us great insight and understanding of how each company operates and what is important to them.  This detailed personal understanding of our customers strengthens our ability to meet and exceed their expectations of our software, and enlightens us to identify and promote emerging technologies and techniques which our customers might not be aware of. 
Being a small company doesn't mean that we can only handle small projects, in fact quite the opposite is true, our research and development is very intensive.  large groups of developers may seem appealing however with recent technological advancements in programming languages and tools they are only required for a very small minority of custom developed software.  On the other hand employing a small dedicated and highly motivated team can prove much more rewarding and successful

Binary Reality - Manchester Software Developers

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